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Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures - MIMS16

MIMS16, Oct. 28-30, 2016 - Cetara (Amalfi Coast), Call-for-Papers

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Abstract submission for the "2016 International Workshop on Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures" (MIMS16) in the beautiful Amalfi Coast is open.
Deadline for Abstracts Submission is April 30, 2016. Abstracts related, but not limited, to the following areas are welcome:

• Multiscale mechanics • Architectured materials and composites
• Lattice materials and structures
• Mechanical and acoustic metamaterials
• Tensegrity systems at different scales • Sustainable composites
• Smart materials and structures • Microstructure engineering

Abstracts should be edited according to the given template and e-mailed at multiscale.salerno@gmail.com.

Selected Lectures (in progress)

Ferdinando Auricchio (University of Pavia, Italy), "The use of 3D Printing for the development of Innovative Materials and Structures"
Davide Bigoni (University of Trento, Italy), "Elastic rods, snakes, and catapults"
Marc Durand and Gérald Gurtner (Université Paris Diderot, France), "Stiffest elastic networks"
Christopher J. Larsen (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA), "Multiscale mathematical challenges in cohesive fracture"
Vitali F. Nesterenko (University of California San Diego, USA), "Strongly nonlinear, highly tunable metamaterials: fundamental challenges and applications"
Julian Rimoli (Georgia Tech, USA), "Reduced order models for tensegrity lattices under highly dynamic events"
Massimo Ruzzene (Georgia Tech, USA), "Non symmetric mechanical lattices and multifiled interactions for non-reciprocal metamaterials"
Fabrizio Scarpa (University of Bristol, UK), "Kirigami paradigms and auxetics for mechanical metamaterials"
Robert E. Skelton (Texas A&M - UCSD, USA) and Fernando Fraternali (University of Salerno, Italy), "Dynamics and control of tensegrity structures and multifunctional materials"

Special Issue

A special issue of Composites Part B: Engineering will collect original, peer-reviewed contributions presented at the Workshop on the subject of Composite lattice materials and structures.

Submission deadline: 30 June 2016

Acceptance deadline: 28 October 2016



The Workshop will be held at the Cetus Hotel (www.hotelcetus.com) located in a scenic venue of the amazing Amalfi Coast.

The meeting room, the terraces and the banquet halls of the Hotel Cetus will host the scientific and social activities of the Workshop. The hotel is equipped with 37 rooms, all with sea view, air-coditioning and internet wi-fi, and offers a private beach, wellness and fitness centers.

Transportation services allow access to daily shuttles from/to Naples and Salerno. Accommodation at Cetus for two nights is included in Full Registration Fees. See also the following video.


cetus on the rocks

With best regards,

Luciano Feo, Fernando Fraternali
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Salerno, Italy

Robert E. Skelton
Texas A&M Aerospace Engineering
University of California San Diego, USA



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