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PRIN 2017: Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures - MIMS19

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Fernando Fraternali, PI, UNISA


Fabrizio Greco, UNICAL


Giuseppe Failla, UNIRC


Antonella Pirrotta, UNIPA


Domenico De Tommasi, POLIBA


Raffaele Barretta, UNINA


About us

Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures is aimed at deepening the fundamental understanding of the mechanics of multiscale materials, ranging from multifunctional lattices to nanocomposites, and its application to the design of unconventional materials and structures with properties mainly derived from their geometric design. There is an increasing interest in multiscale metamaterials, and a growing demand for exploring the potential of such systems in real-life engineering applications. The proposed research will develop unconventional materials and structures across the scales in engineering fields where current knowledge of such systems is only partial, including: smart buildings, anti-seismic engineering, and structural health monitoring. The project's goal to expand the current scope of material and structural design is based on: optimal control of the mechanical response of periodic lattices and multiscale composites; employing nonlinear lattices as effective vibration mitigation devices, actuators and sensors and acoustic lenses; using hierarchical lattices to form cutting-edge reinforcing elements of novel composites with strain sensing capabilities and improved mechanical performances; designing ultralight structures and seismic devices for smart buildings.


Ferdinando Fraternali, PI

PI and Coordinator of the unit at the University of Salerno

Personal websitehttp://www.fernandofraternaliresearch.com/
Institutional webpage: https://docenti.unisa.it/001258/home
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-7549-6405, ResearcherID: A-4237-2018,
Scopus ID: 7003627408
Google Scholar, ResearchGate: Fernando Fraternali

Biographical sketch

Fernando Fraternali is Professor of Structural Mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Salerno (Diciv), Italy. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Salerno, and a Ph.D. in Multiscale Mechanics from King's College London. F. Fraternali has participated as a PI or co-PI in various research projects funded by the Italian National Research Council, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Italy-USA scientific cooperation), and US research agencies. Prof. Fernando Fraternali is Delegate to Research and Doctorate Affairs and Coordinator of the PhD Course on "Risk and Sustainability in Civil, Architecture and Environmental Engineering Systems" (cycles XXXII-XXXV) at Diciv. Most of his research work concerns multiscale modeling and simulation of solids and structures, the nonlinear dynamics of materials and structures, and the design and engineering of sustainable materials at multiple scales.  

Fabrizio Greco

Leader of the research unit at the University of Calabria

Institutional webpagehttp://www.ingegneriacivile.unical.it/persone/docenti/ordinari/?wpapl_id=75
Orcid ID: 0000-0001-9423-4964
Scopus ID: 7202127855
Google Scholar, Research Gate: Fabrizio Greco

Biographical sketch

Fabrizio Greco is Full Professor of Structural Mechanics in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Calabria (Dinci), Cosenza, Italy. He received his M.Sc. degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Calabria in 1997, and a Ph.D. in Materials and Structural Engineering from the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" in 2002. F. Greco has participated in various research projects funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. At the University of Calabria, Prof. Fabrizio Greco is Coordinator of the Council for the Master of Science in Building Engineering-Architecture, Vice-Coordinator of the PhD Course on "Environment, Construction and Energy Science and Engineering" (SIACE-PhD) and Scientific Supervisor of the Research Laboratory "Materials and Structures Engineering". His research interests concern: composite materials and structures, fracture and damage mechanics, stability and large deformations, nonlinear homogenization approaches, multiscale techniques, long span bridges, dynamic analysis of base-isolated structures. Author and co-author of more than 200 published research articles of which 71 are refereed international journal papers. Main bibliometric indicators: (updated to 27.12.2019; Scopus database): h-index=26; Total citations 1334 by 740 documents; 74 Scopus documents from 2000 to 2019.

Giuseppe Failla

Coordinator of the unit at the Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria

Institutional webpage: https://www.unirc.it/scheda_persona.php?id=731
Orcid ID: 0000-0003-4244-231X, Scopus ID: 7004313410
Google Scholar, ResearchGate: Giuseppe Failla

Biographical sketch

Giuseppe Failla is Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Environmental, Energy and Materials Engineering (DICEAM) at the "Mediterranea" University of Reggio Calabria, Italy, where he has a 16-year experience in teaching courses as "Mechanics of Structures", "Structural Dynamics" and "Theory of Structures". In 2002 he was Visiting Lecturer at Rice University, Houston (USA), where he was in charge with the course "Mechanics of Materials" for undergraduate students in Civil Engineering. Since 2016 he acts as Expert Evaluator for the Research Executive Agency (REA) of the European Commission in the "Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowships" programme (H2020-MSCA-IF). He is member of the Editorial Board of BMC Mechanical Engineering (Springer Nature) since 2018, Vibration (MDPI) since 2017 and Coupled Systems Mechanics (Techno-Press) since 2016. He is also member of the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH) since 2017.
He published 65+ papers in peer-reviewed international journals and 2 book chapters on various topics in mechanics of solids, structural dynamics and dynamics of offshore wind turbines. He has coauthored publications and has on-going collaborations with international scientists/researchers as Prof. P.D. Spanos, Rice University (USA), Prof. M. Collu, Strathclyde University (UK), Prof. D. Yurchenko, Heriot-Watt University (UK), Prof. C. Adam, University of Innsbruck (Austria), Prof. I. Kougioumtzoglou, Columbia University (USA). His research interests are non-local elasticity, fractional viscoelasticity, dynamics of locally-resonant structures and structures with external/internal dampers, dynamics of offshore wind turbines, dynamics of nonlinear systems under stochastic excitations, coupled bending-torsional dynamics of beams, modal analysis methods, spectral analysis of non‐stationary processes via wavelets.

Antonina Pirrotta

Leader of the research unit at the University of Palermo
Institutional webpage: https://www.unipa.it/persone/docenti/p/antonina.pirrotta/
Orcid ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8177-0204
Scopus Author ID: 6603076905
ResearcherID: C-7715-2018
Google Scholar, Research Gate: Antonina Pirrotta

Biographical sketch

Graduated in Civil Engineering in 1987 at the Palermo University. The research work begins in 1996 as PhD in Structural Engineering and as post-doc in 1998. In 2000 she becomes researcher in the Structural Engineering Department of university of Palermo and in 2001 Associate Professor , in 2016 Full Professor in the same department. Author and co-author of about 200 scientific papers
(of which 90 are refereed international journal papers) dealing with the following fields: Stochastic Dynamics, active and passive control, stochastic differential calculus. From 2014 Honorary Professor at Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK.
She taught and studied at Wayne State University of Detroit and at Technical University of Vienna . She is in contact to develop research with Prof Raouf Ibrahim of Wayne State University in Detroit; with Prof Rudolf Heuer and Prof. C. Bucher of Technical University of Vienna ; with Prof Pol Spanos of Rice University in Houston; with Prof Francesco Lanza Di Scalea of UCSD University of San Diego; with Prof Lawrence A. Bergman of University of Urbana-Champain; with Prof George Deodatis of University of Columbia in New York and with Prof Ji-Huan He of Modern Textile Institute, Dong Hua University, Shanghai.
At the University of Palermo, she is the Vice- Head of the Engineering Department, Coordinator of the PhD Course on "Civil, Environmental and Materials Engineering", and Scientific Supervisor of the Research Laboratory "Experimental Dynamics".

  - Associate Editor Journal of Engineering Mechanics (ASCE) (from 2015)
  - Associate Editor Meccanica (from 2018)
  - Editorial Board Member of Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics (from 2000)
  - Editorial Board Member of Acta Mechanica (from 2013)
  - Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Statistical Mechanics (from 2013)
  - Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Applications (from 2013).
  - Editorial Board Member of Mathematical Problems in Engineering (from 2014)
  - Editorial Board Member of Shock and Vibration (from 2015)
  - Editorial Board Member of Journal of Applied and Computational Mechanics (2015-2017)
  - Editorial Board Member of The Open Construction & Building Technology Journal (from 2017).

Domenico De Tommasi

Leader of the research unit at the Politecnico di Bari

Institutional webpage: http://www.poliba.it/amministrazione-e-servizi/amministrazione?empid=1968b9c422572c5b7d53c3601ce5483db36b81b1
Orcid ID:  0000-0002-5347-8708
Scopus ID: 77801377619
Google Scholar, Research Gate: Domenico De Tommasi

Biographical sketch

Domenico De Tommasi is full professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures at the Politecnico di Bari, Italy (from 2003). He received his M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Università di Bari in 1984, and a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering from the Università di Firenze in 1989. He was Member of Administration Board of Politecnico di Bari (1995-1998), Component of the PhD Faculty "Scienze dell'Ingegneria Civile ed Ambientale" of Politecnico di Bari (since XVII cycle), Memeber of the "Nucleo di Valutazione" of Politecnico Bari (from 2014). Domenico De Tommasi was component of several research projects of the MURST. He was coordinator of Research Project "Non Linear Problems in Structural Mechanics" and of Research Unit within "Reti di Laboratori Pubblici di Ricerca "Laboratorio Integrato di Meccanica Sperimentale". His scientific activity has essentially developed on fundamental and applicative aspects of finite elasticity (with particular attention to the formulation and solution of boundary problems with engineering interest), of linear and nonlinear kinematics, of masonry structure mechanics (with particular attention to the study of traditional stone masonries), of modelling of multilayer solids (with application to the study of rubber seismic isolators), of elastic body with non-convex energies (with application to the study of solid bodies phase transformation), of mechanical modelling of biological material and metamaterials, of the description of Electroactive Polymers (EAP) devices.

Raffaele Barretta

Coordinator of the unit at the University of Naples Federico II

Personal website: http://wpage.unina.it/rabarret
Institutional webpage:
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-8535-0581, ResearcherID: J-4337-2012,
Scopus ID: 14035020100
Google Scholar, ResearchGate: Raffaele Barretta

Biographical sketch

Raffaele Barretta is Associate Professor of Solid and Structural Mechanics at the Department of Structures for Engineering and Architecture of the University of Naples Federico II, Italy. He received a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Thesis title: Polar Models of Beams and Shells in Large Deformations) and a Ph.D. (Thesis title: Mixed Variational Methods in Elasticity) from the University of Naples Federico II. He received a Full Professor Habilitation (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research) in the area of Solid and Structural Mechanics. He is Erasmus Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II. R. Barretta has participated in various research projects funded also by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and is Editor of many international scientific journals. Author of about 150 publications of which more than 85 in international journals. Field of expertise: mechanics of solids, materials and structures. Research interests: nonlinear constitutive relations, nonlocal models, geometric and variational methods in dynamics, computational mechanics, homogenization, composites, nano-mechanics, generalized continua, functionally graded materials, NEMS problems. Bibliometric indicators: (as of 30.12.2019; Scopus database): h-index=36; Total citations 2827; 93 Scopus documents from 2005 to 2019.