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PRIN 2017: Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures - MIMS19

Thematic Workshop "Innovative Mechanical Metamaterials"

An international thematic workshop on the subject of Innovative Mechanical Metamaterials is scheduled on July 8-10, 2021 on the terrace of the Cetus Hotel of Cetara (Salerno). The flyer of this MIMS initiative is available for download.

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Milton Koynote: Cloaking where science meet science fiction

Milton keynote: Cloaking where Science meets Science fiction


Video Reports - Second Review Meeting - February 25, 2021

Second Review Meeting, February 25, 2021

Access link to live meeting

Zoom meeting
Meeting ID: 948 6889 3283 - Passcode: 7o159d




Kickoff meeting 16th December 2019